The Tower Defense For You Pokemon Fans Out There


By: Stephen Crane

It's no secret: Ever since 1990's rampart, gamers have loved the concept of the tower defense games. We have used map creators for games like Starcraft, Warcraft III and more to create our own and eventually delved into browser flash games. These days you can see these games played on our smartphones as well as bonus games for our consoles and portable consoles. What could be better than a tower defense game, you ask? How about a tower defense game mashed with Pokémon?

Pokémon Tower Defense is an independent flash came create by Sam & Dan Games that made an appearance briefly on the Android marketplace but was promptly removed. That's okay, you can still play it on your computer or even through your phone's flash-capable browser! You can't stop the signal, Mal!

What makes this game different? Well despite it being in the Alpha stages, it's still an incredibly well-developed game. It has all the fun of capturing Pokémon involved mixed in with the crazy joy of a battle. You can deploy up to six Pokémon as in the original game which are then used as your towers. These Pokémon go through the standard evolution process and learn and forget the moves based off the levels of the original Red and Blue versions of the game. The probability of facing certain types of pokemon in the waves is also affected by whether you choose the blue or red version of the game at the beginning. Pretty sweet, no? The Tower Defense is building off the original 151 Pokémon with Mew becoming available if you donate to Sam & Dan Games. The updates are also pretty timely and should hopefully be rolling out on a weekly basis.

Check it out in browser or download it to run on your pc.

About Stephen Crane

Stephen was hooked by the NES at a very young age and never looked back. He games on a daily basis and is currently trying to climb his way up the ranked ladder on League of Legends! Outside of the video game world he actually likes running and owns a rapidly growing collection of toed shoes. Stephen Crane is the owner of Armed Gamer.

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