Thinking Thursday: Video Games As Art


Let's be honest: The art in modern video games can be pretty astounding. It's hard not to look at the cutscenes from Mass Effect or even some of the Final Fantasy games and not feel awed by the intense visuals and creativity that goes into them. The Smithsonian American Art Museum is iven allowing the public to vote and select what games should be included in the exhibition. In fact, you should do that now. (Photo: Courtesy Flickr user s.bann)

Ico's creator, Fumito Ueda was quoted in Kotaku as saying that video games themselves are art (but with a lower case A). It's pretty interesting to see how the concept of video gaming has been shaped by and seems to be going in a similar direction as film making. Much like movies, it has changed to a point where we have big studio blockbuster games like Halo or Resistance, then independent games like Auditorium or Alien Hominid. Also, our capabilities are ever increasing. Look at the screen shots Epic Games just released as evidence!

The art in video games is undeniably excellent, but perhaps it is time we start considering video games the interactive platforms as art in themselves? Can we achieve something artistically in video games that might otherwise not be available in other mediums? I think so, and I think it's something worth exploring.

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