Thinking Thursday: Spoilers? Not In This Post.


Dragon Age 2 came out in North America all of two days ago, and already you can find the spoilers and the ending to the game on Youtube. Are you curious about whether or not the protagonist lives, or dies, or how they die? You can hop on Youtube and check it out. (Photo: courtesy icathing)

It seems like in today's sense of instant gratification, we don't even have to experience a story to know it. Much like Billy Crystal's character from When Harry Met Sally, a good number of gamers will look at the figurative last page before playing the game to earn that reward. It's not exactly distressing, though it is rather reminiscent of people driving around at the launches of Harry Potter books and informing fans about the assassination of a certain headmaster by a certain professor whose name may or may not have rhymed with "Ape". Spoilers have been around forever. There are always people who want to discover something for themselves, and then there are people who want to ruin it for them.

It's interesting to see where the line is drawn. You have the gamers who actively seek spoilers, the ones who just want to see the "good scenes", the ones who don't want to know anything and will actively shut anything down that could be a spoiler, and then there are those who don't really pay attention to anything. I can certainly see the appeal of looking up the ending of something. If I'm in the middle of something really intense like a book and I wan to to know if anyone dies, I can't help but jump to the end to look at whether or not they live. It saves from emotional stress/trauma.

What is your relation to spoilers? Can you handle one dangling right in front of you? Like this one?

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