Thinking Thursday: Save Game? Continue?


By: Stephen Crane

One of the most interesting features of BioWare's big RPGs like Dragon Age and Mass Effect are the ability to directly effect what is happening in the next sequel depending on the choices you make in the game. With Mass Effect it affected the scripts and minor details though it seems that it will affect who is alive with Mass Effect 3. There is something similar going on with Dragon Age 2. (Photo: courtesy Flickr user blakespot)

The big catch is that you really need a save file from the first game. They are, unfortunately, pretty easy to lose due to uninstallation, hard drive reformats, what have you. The good news is that there is now a generator so you can create a Dragon Age save game to import into Dragon Age 2! You can find it here.

The question to ponder however, is what are the implications behind this? People can spend arguably 40 hours on the original game and more to get to a specific ending, yet others can clone those achievements without any effort. For Mass Effect 2 there were websites popping up where you could download the individual saves of others with specific endings, extra money, etc. Is it fair to be able to use the hard work of another person to get an edge in your game? It's not like it's a competitive game, but at the same time are boasting right falsely obtained still boasting rights? That being said, I am going to complete Dragon Age 2 with my old save file, then again with a generated save file to get a better result because I can. What is your opinion on this trend?

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