Fan Film Fridays: There Will Be Brawl


Last week, we showed you the trailer for a fun, upcoming comedy about a world where video game characters are real. This week, let's take a look at There Will Be Brawl, a film-noir style dark comedy that sticks some of our most beloved video game characters and sticks them in the middle of a murder mystery, gang war, and something much darker. (Photo: Courtesy Flickr user J from the UK)

This is the sort of comedy fan film that you look at and it isn't outright funny like Video Game Reunion is planning on being. Instead, TWBB is more funny because of the serious thought and emotion coming from video game characters. You won't laugh because of jokes made with outright punchlines, but you will laugh because Kirby is a cannibal much the way Hannibal Lecter was, or that Kid Icarus and Captain Falcon are in an abusive gay relationship. It's 14 episodes in all, so give it a watch and be prepared to be amazed by the crazy places this fan film goes!

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