Killzone 3



In an effort to deliver more to you, my loyal fans, I am going to be trying to churn out some daily content for all of you! No, really! I have snappy names that involve the days of the week and everything! That being said, here is the first installment of Trailer Tuesdays. Killzone 3 is a game that I am absolutely looking forward to later this month, and this trailer only cements it. The game is freaking sweet beyond all belief and the trailer feels like it could be a movie trailer (Still, never make a Killzone movie, Hollywood) Without further ado…

About Stephen Crane

Stephen was hooked by the NES at a very young age and never looked back. He games on a daily basis and is currently trying to climb his way up the ranked ladder on League of Legends! Outside of the video game world he actually likes running and owns a rapidly growing collection of toed shoes. Stephen Crane is the owner of Armed Gamer.

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