From Queen to Creed: The Fall of Music Based Games


rockbandIt doesn’t seem that long ago that I was in my friend’s basement trying to crush his high score on Freebird, or getting together with a group to jam out on Rock Band. It felt like rhythm based games were here to stay, and with competition coming along, it seemed like things could only get cooler. Sadly, just this week Activition announced it is dropping the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises.

It may be tough for some people in the industry to figure out, but it’s no secret why consumers aren’t buying into the games anymore: They over-saturated the market with way too many games. It was only two developers really that were working on this genre really (unless you count Power gig which I do not). From those two factions game the standard games and sequels, but then also loads of genre and artist specific games. 80’s, 90’s, 70′, Aerosmith, The Beatles, you name it! It felt like every other month there was a new disk to buy and every few months there were new peripherals available for us to buy. It was crazy! As consumers they all but demanded we keep buying more at an increased rate.

Let this serve as a lesson to further game industries out there: If you come up with something cool, limit your knee-jerk reaction to release everything possible for it. If the gamer feels like they are getting a valuable experience, the gamer is more likely to shell out the money for a new game. When everything keeps changing every few months, the gamer is less likely to spend the money. The lesson: Slow your roll. I’m looking at you Call of Duty series.

About Stephen Crane

Stephen was hooked by the NES at a very young age and never looked back. He games on a daily basis and is currently trying to climb his way up the ranked ladder on League of Legends! Outside of the video game world he actually likes running and owns a rapidly growing collection of toed shoes. Stephen Crane is the owner of Armed Gamer.

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