Infinite Crisis: Cancelled


The DC Comics MOBA has been cancelled. All development has been ceased for the game as of today and the servers will fully close August 14th, 2015. As some of you know, Infinite Crisis was a game that Armed Gamer played weekly on the official stream. We continuously gave out skins for the game. The almost sudden decision to end development comes as a shock to the community including this journalist.

The posting was made via the game’s forums by the community manager Seraphina Brennan.

Turbine has been emailed for an official comment and this article will be updated as more information is discovered.


UPDATE: Turbine has replied to my email with this comment.

“We have no further comment beyond what we have posted to our players.

Thanks for all your support!”

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  • Joe House

    Not surprised. Market is saturated, and the game itself is awful.

    • Nick Diaz

      How was it awful? Exactly?

      • The Vast Abyss TCG

        The lack of population? Down sizing of the company before and after September big Patch. The one map reduce que times while telling those dedicated to GD & GH to play the one map or leave because this is the direction we choosed and it is simpler for our team to balance champions and items to be only playable on Coast City yet still providing custom map options….

        Don’t forget the game wasn’t as polished as it should of been when it released from beta + the high pings and server disconnects plague the community even now….

        Add in the fact the fact little to no marketing. I find them telling everyone they are shutting down has got more news around it then stating they are releasing.

        The poor judgement on which champions to release in the order provided

        The fact those uploading to twitch or youtube have been hit negative by copyright strikes due to the lack of a direct link and audio belonging to an artist that partnered with Ingrooves you can’t really feature or market it without someone else monetizing it.

        • Richard

          I have to disagree with you about the marketing… I had heard about it probably 2 or 3 years before its release and have seen plenty of advertising for it.. If anything I would say perhaps it was marketed to early and people got board of the idea of it long before it release.