Awesome Games Done Quick Raises More than $1.5 Million


Gamers are always up for a challenge, and fighting cancer is probably the biggest challenge real life has to offer. This past week, the speedrunning exhibition/competition, Awesome Games Done Quick raised more than $1.5 million to help prevent cancer via the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The money raised well surpassed the funding target of $1 million, thanks in no small part to the Humble bundle’s contributions. The total amount includes money raised through donations and merchandise sold and continues to grow as the donations finish processing.

The weekend saw more than 160 speedruns with many notable moments, including an amazing Ninja Gaiden 1-3 relay race, the Ocarina of Time blindfolded child dungeons, the Tetris The Grandmaster 1-3 exhibition, and a marriage proposal during a speed run of Mischief Makers (she said yes). On top of the proposal, the streamer Jackafur 100-percented the game in just over an hour. There were also several world records set in games like Super Mario Bros: Lost LevelsInFamous: Festival of Blood, and many more!

If you missed it, that’s okay. You can see all the highlights on the official YouTube channel, and if all goes according to plan there will be another charity marathon for Summer Games Done Quick this July. If you’re interested in beginning to speedrun, SpeedRunsLive is hosting a series of races that should be good for beginners.


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