The Five Problems With Dragon Age: Inquisition


[Editor’s Note/Addendum: This is not a review. For the official Armed Gamer review, click here!] Dragon Age: Inquisition is the latest from the game industry’s own messiah, BioWare, the company known and loved for basically all of their games from Jade Empire to Mass Effect. Gamers have been enjoying engaging stories, gripping characters, and RPG goodness since Baldur’s Gate.

BioWare has this diverse crowd of fans that is basically split down the middle on their games, especially when it comes to Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Half of the fans are fine with the original ending to Mass Effect 3, while the other half are not. With Dragon Age, half of the fans welcomed the gameplay changes made to Dragon Age 2, while the other half were not. I don’t see why people were upset at the more action driven combat in Dragon Age 2 considering these same people love Mass Effect 2 and that game was basically Gears of War in space. However, I digress and I think I am one of the only people who thinks BioWare is one of the most overrated game developers in the industry.

With that being said, I wasn’t looking forward to Dragon Age: Inquisition. I played the other games and I wasn’t too impressed. I liked the first installment but it really failed to keep me interested. I guess you could say the same for the second game. Inquisition was hyped to be this groundbreaking title with amazing characters and epic story with a massive living world. It seems like people bought into those industry buzzwords a little too well. I have been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition for a while now and I have to say it is probably one of the worst games I have played in the last year. While I will not be writing a full review of the game, I will be explaining my top five issues with the game and why I am basically torturing myself by continuing to play it. Here are my problems with Dragon Age: Inquisition.

5. Controls


The combat doesn’t really seem to know what it wants to do, and this is the main problem I also had with the original Dragon Age. In the new title, you have two ways to fight: Real Time and Strategic Time. The “Strategic” combat gives you a top down layout of the battle and stops time. You can then issue move orders and attack orders to your party. Then when you have everything issued, you can fast forward the combat until those moves are executed, you rinse and repeat until you are finished. It is heavily implied you would use this mode to fight tougher enemies like dragons or when you are overrun with demons. I understand why this was included, but the execution is just plain terrible. Why? Because it doesn’t feel complete, it isn’t a “natural” way to play the game. It sticks out like a sore thumb. However, it is an option, you can go the entire game without using this mode, and I would be fine with that, if the real time combat also didn’t feel incomplete. It seems as though equal time was spent developing the two combat types and both didn’t get the attention they deserved.

From there you have the damn jumping mechanic. You see small hill you want to get up, the design appears like you can walk up it or at least jump up on nearby rocks. But no, you can’t. The rocks and hills all appear to be covered in ice and you slide down everything. I don’t see why jumping was even included into the game. Visually speaking it doesn’t work, and with the inability to grasp onto ledges, jumping is yet another mechanic in this game that is out of place.

4. Voice Acting


The voice acting in this game is really inconsistent. I would have to say my biggest problem is Cassandra. Her voice actress sounds like she is reading the script and not acting. I would attribute it to her not knowing how to do the accent Cassandra has. Her performance is incredibly bland and it infuriates me to a high degree. This also goes for your character. Now I have a male character and his responses sound so distant, like there is zero emotion behind the words he says. I can’t relate to my own character because he isn’t portraying the emotion that I chose for a specific response.

3. Bad Pacing


This problem comes in two parts, this is part one. The game is paced poorly and it naturally creates an unbalanced environment. The poor pacing creates overpowered characters too early in the game, and the quests are partly to blame. With unknown rewards you don’t know if that one quest in the Hinterlands will give you a better weapon or a new schematic. While the unknown is something I welcome in games, it can be nice to know what quests you can afford to skip and save for after the story is complete. Now stuff like the landmarks and region discovery is stuff you can afford to save for the endgame, but closing all the rifts, NPC quests, Astarium Caves, Shard collection, these are things you feel compelled to keep doing and doing so it makes your character incredibly strong with minimal effort.

2. There is Too Much to Do


Part one of two and I know it seems odd that in a RPG there is “too much to do” but in DA: I there is. This is the problem with all these quests. None of them actually feel too relevant. I understand closing the rifts, or helping refugees so you can recruit agents to the Inquisition, because those directly change the way your Inquisition acts. What doesn’t matter, is finding a farmer’s cattle or doing horse races. Why do I need to collect all of these mosaics? Why do I need to collect these different kinds of thrones? Do I really need to resurrect this guy from the dead just to kill him again? The game is riddled with filler missions just to give you the impression that the game is longer than it really is. And as such, it creates an unbalanced environment (as I mentioned in the previous reason).

1. Bugs


Not the creepy crawling kind, the kind that people just write off as “oh they will fix it in an upcoming patch”. If I had a nickel for every time my game crashed, gave me a visual bug, a quest glitched to the point where I couldn’t complete it, silenced dialogue, and my characters glitched through floors, I would have enough money to just buy another game and never play this one again. The game doesn’t work, and this is by far my biggest problem with the game. I find it interesting that people are so willing to condemn EA and blame everything on them for SimCity not working and being riddled with bugs and glitches. But because it’s Dragon Age: Inquisition, people are just ignoring the glitches and legitimate technical problems with the game that make it unplayable.

Because this game is made by BioWare no one is jumping down either company’s throat and just giving them the benefit of the doubt. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the side effect of two things, 1. publisher pressure to release new games in a fast manner, and 2. fans clamoring and yelling at companies to release their games as soon as possible. This game is rushed and has so many small issues with it that it is almost unplayable. The only reason I am still playing the game is because I want it to get better, but every day I try something new, all of these problems are still staring me in the face. The blind loyalty towards BioWare and gamers treating them like they are the modern day gaming Jesus is helping no one.

You can’t develop a game, release a broken product, and promise to fix it in the future. You can’t overlook problems in a game simply because of the developer. I hate to break it to you guys and give you the harsh truth, but Dragon Age: Inquisition is a bad game. Maybe I will readjust my opinion when the game actually works, but who knows when that will be.

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About Zach Martinez

Freelancer here at Armed Gamer, North American Video Game Correspondent for Following the Nerd, and a regular on Examiner.com, Zach has made somewhat of a name for himself at the age of 23. He has been writing professionally for just over 5 years now. He doesn't care about resolution or frames per second, he cares about what matters most, the games. You can reach reach him directly at zach.martinez09395@yahoo.com.

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  • Raansu

    So clearly wrpg’s are not your thing, and yet that somehow constitutes it being the worst game of the year? This article made me cringe given how much ignorance and bias it had towards it. Maybe you should stick to mobile gaming? Clearly thats more your thing.

    • Fuck You

      I’ve commented before saying he should simply stop with his insanely biased articles but someone at Armed Gamer seems to have swallowed many loads of semen and saved their job.
      Such a disappointment, yet again.

      • Mikko L.


      • Waywardson

        Great name

    • Mikko L.

      Lel. You’re ignoring the bugs, glitches and crashes present.

    • I’m a long time fan of RPGs (and a big fan of Dragon Age) and I hated Inquisition for most of the reasons he lists here.

      So it’s really not about hating RPGs.

      • Raansu

        Then you’re not really a wrpg fan.

        • Nice “Only True Scots” fallacy.

        • Jason Williams

          “if you don’t agree with my opinion, you’re wrong”. The logic of the 13 year old.

          • Raansu

            Uh oh, the idiot is upset.

          • Eli

            What the hell is wrong with you?

          • Natura Wolf

            I disagree with you, but not to the other guys extent. I enjoyed the game, it was fun, like the other two games I became engrossed and felt compassion for the characters…except Sera…Josephinne, Cole & Iron Bull are favourite characters of mine, and all of the characters are different to each other. I know this is one road but it’s basically what I enjoy about these games, the stories and sub-stories, the difficult decisions to be made and the consequences that can be very ultimatum.

            Character voices can be odd but they were dynamic and in my oppinion fitted the character, I like also how there are accents that are not all American or accents. The amount of quests makes the game feel long, and I agree i get frustrated, but it doesn’t stop me playing the game, if anything it helps in portioning how much I play. I am someone who is both a completionist and someone who can get addicted into focusing on doing one thing at a time.

            I was engrossed with the game, underline the word was…The game as far as I care has never been completed, so many bugs and glitches and god knows what else. I had to restart the game twice due to some of them:
            – couldn’t complete Solas’s quest
            – One quest is still triggering books to be picked up…for no reason, I finished the quest
            – AI system randomly stops and I find that in exception of drinking potions, they only attack
            – the AI’s indecision whether to attack a creature or move closer to the current character.
            – Discovered what I can only assume to be the test zone of DA:I at Hinterlands
            – When I had Nvidia graphics I also had to be fearful that the cutscenes were going to crash the game.
            – characters falling through floors
            – group members running away from you for no reason
            – Characters becoming stuck until they jump
            – Characters fully stuck until you change maps
            – Targetting randomly hitting the dragon’s wing, or some stupid area that you did not select
            – Targetting spell placed but never casted

            I don’t think I’ve covered them all, but for my argument sake I would say how can anything be judged as poor controls, or bad stories if your forever fearful that at some moment the game is just going to break. I hate how less engrossed I am because the game is incomplete, I was enjoying it, and hell yeah I love the characters, but it’s hard to feel anything other than why the hell the game keeps breaking.

            Final point, it doesn’t help that for every single complaint, request or query about these issues made in the forums, they are rarely met with someone in the company(s) giving answers or guidance, or at least an apology. I complained to one in regards to the game glitching and their response was ‘but you can still play it?’. So little care or understanding about their own product. If anyone buys a product, it should always be with full expectation that the product CAN and WILL do what it is detailed to do with little to none side effects. I wouldn’t buy a washing machine that only has 6/10 working programs, I wouldn’t buy an oven that can only heat up to 180 instead of it’s specified 300. I can use them yes but it’s not what you promised me, that wasn’t the contractual agreement in this purchase.

            Sorry for ranting, it pisses me off how much this game wants me to not give a shit, and as said I love these games and I want to see the end of the story without giving up and youtubing it.

          • CursedCreation

            I’ve never played Inquisition on a computer so I’m not sure how different the controls would be but I found that on the xbox they were quite easy to use. I did hate the tactical camera as it was very awkward to use and annoyed me to no end. I’ve also never had any crashing problems on console either. I have had weird some odd and annoying glitches though. One such glitch being that I get the completed quest messages multiple times when I finished a quest forever ago. I also had problems with certain characters standing frozen during combats until I manually moved them. Despite the problems with DAI, I also loved the characters in the game. I found all of them interesting and awesome in their own way. Even if some were… weird *cough* Sera *cough* 😀

    • Jason Williams

      What’s wrong and/or incorrect about the article? The combat and movement mechanics in general are utterly and inexcusably bad.

      • Raansu

        The controls were perfectly fine. Sorry that you’re an idiot?

        • Jason Williams

          I’m sorry. You are completely correct. My experience and opinions are irrelevant. I will try not to express thoughts contrary to yours in the future.

        • Ember Spirit

          Just got the game, played 3 hours. Really hate the combat and the retarded tactical cam. Tactical cam should turn into an Isometric view like Dota 2 were you can rotate the map and move the view by edge panning.

          • Raansu

            Then don’t use the tactical cam? I never used it. Also you can rotate the camera.

      • Lightbringer

        The game is like a low budget Hollywood movie, lacks good contents and doesn’t have a robust storyline. The characters have no depth, the nude scenes are tasteless, the comedy scenes are so not funny and the voice acting is terrible (as this guy has already mentioned).
        It’s like the game has no soul…

  • Chris Jonesy Jones

    Basically you’ve just described Skyrim. .DA is the finest example of everything that’s great about RPGS….four words for you GAME OF THE YEAR…you really shouldn’t be reviewing DA as you didn’t like the first two.

    • Komin

      Very funny. I just tried DA:I after spending 367 hours to finish the witcher 3. I stopped playing after only an hour because the game is pure trash.

      • Josh S.

        Yeah okay. Despite this game getting rave reviews and awards it’s “trash” because you didn’t give it more than an hour. The only people who say that have 1) never played the first two games and/or 2) never left the Hinterlands because for some weird reason they felt compelled to finish EVERYTHING there before moving on.

        • Noble Highlander

          The only people who like DAI are people who clearly never played the first two games.

          • Josh S.

            I don’t see where you’re getting that trend from. Everything I’ve seen/read points to the opposite. I played through and enjoyed DA:O and DA: 2 multiple times (though two far less than origins).

          • Noble Highlander

            I told you to go to the metacritic userscore reviews. Overral mediocre ratings by users. The game is trash.

          • Josh S.

            Ahahahaha okay. This game sucks cuz metacritic folks say so. And we’ll ignore all the good reviews cuz reasons. This game just isn’t for you, and that’s fine. Doesn’t make the game trash because you, and some others, don’t like it.

          • Noble Highlander

            So you put the opinion of “professional” reviewers on a higher pedestal than regular gamers. The userscores are mediocre for a reason. This game isn’t for me because it was poorly made and goes against everything that made DAO great.

          • Josh S.

            No, I’m saying it’s ridiculous to be selective about what you are going to pay attention to. Most people I know, regardless of if they played the first two games or not, LOVE DAI. Basically, not all gamers hate it. I don’t think you can even confidently say you are the majority. I don’t think it was poorly made. Plenty of others don’t either. I think the character design was great, and I liked the story as well. I know not everyone will agree, but just because people bitch on MetaCritic doesn’t automatically make you right. Just like how, though the vast majority of my friends/family/acquaintances are all avid gamers, I have yet to meet someone who didn’t like DAI, (not to mention all the praise it did get by avid gamers in reviews,) doesn’t automatically make me right.

          • Noble Highlander

            Metacritic is the only source of concentrated opinions on games other than Steam reviews. If people bitch about a game, and a lot do bitch about DAI – then logic dictates that the game has problems. And the game does have problems – a game with a lot of problems = it sucking. Too bad this game is nothing like DAO, even DA2….

          • Josh S.

            Aaaaaand lots of people like this game. In fact, only the PC Metacritic scores are as low as you say. The Xbox One and PS4 (especially) versions are rated a good deal higher. Either way, this was a success for Bioware and I imagine the next game(s) will be too. Whether you and I agree is irrelevant. 🙂 We can agree to disagree, and that’s completely fine, but I think it’s hasty to say that this game has no good qualities. I know the game has its issues, and in fact, I doubt the game will capture my attention for as much time or for as many playthroughs as Origins, but I still very much enjoyed it and think that, if they refine it, it is a great direction to take the series.

            Honestly, I think my biggest complaint with the game is that they keep adding new characters as opposed to really expanding on the awesome character arcs of the individuals already there. The way Mass Effect did it was far better (a mix of new and returning members each game, with the third game squad members being mostly favorite returners), and I think this might help the storytelling issues that people sometimes have with this game.

          • Noble Highlander

            Thats your biggest complaint? How about the piss poor combat in which they totally stripped out the tactics system that DAO and DA2 had, the tactic system that mitigated the AI of your companions from being complete idiots?

            Fact is that a lot of people found fault with this game, even the PS4 and Xbox One versions, compare those userscores with Witcher 3 for instance. The only people who like this game are people that havent really played the previous games to completion or are pretty much casuals – hence why the combat in this game was dumbed down and hack’n’slashy. Hardcore fans have voiced their opinions of this game being a disappointment on BSN. The game has issues and the tactic systems being stripped is not the only one.

          • Chris Gibson

            So metacritic is the only ones who give honest opinions? I’ve played all three. I like DA2 the least. If a game is terrible because it has flaws ten EVERY game is terrible. Man your an idiot

          • dcofjapan

            do you ask mama metacritic for everything you can’t decide yourself? Metacritic and any review site is a horrible thing to look at for something you should be deciding yourself. Most of those opinions on metacritic are the actual trash that you keep saying and not the game. Do you just look at score btw which are off as well or do you actually look at the idiotic comments and complaints they say? People are stupid especially on the internet. I would know I’m replying to one. Inquisition is excellent. I played DA:O and DA2 as well and the entire series is great. Inquisition just takes it a step further.

          • Amaryllis

            What kind of absurd, pedantic nonsense post is this? Of course you shouldn’t base your every breath on the augury of metacritic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful, especially AS A REFLECTION OF USER SCORE AMONG GENERAL POPULACE, which is what the dude was getting at. Frankly, ‘professional game reviews’ have been useless for at least a decade. Any AAA title with sufficient industry clout gets positive reviews, because otherwise they risk that company not sending them review copies anymore. There will certainly be a group of regular people who are useless and stupid too, but the overall score of a game — particularly a super popular one — will inevitably reflect the average player, which is what we are. Including, sorry to say, you. It doesn’t mean every complaint is legit, but that’s why we have brains, and deductive reasoning. We can decide if something is a big deal or not. I imagine most people aren’t intimidated at ‘too much to do.’ But knowing there are 80mil sidequests that often don’t matter is still useful. And if you’re purely a main story only casual player? It’s GREAT to know.

            I actually just got this game, and have only logged about 4-5 hours, so I have no formal opinion on it yet, and am most certainly not taking sides on who is ‘right’ about it in this conversation, but people with their tongues buried up BioWare’s bunghole add nothing to a conversation either way (and anybody who calls somebody stupid for not liking a game is most definitely one of those people).

          • dcofjapan

            just noticed this *yawn* well nice angry paragraph. Not reading it though.

          • Amaryllis

            Thanks for the update! You don’t need to read it (interesting that you’d know it was ‘angry’ without reading it though…unless of course you just made that up…). I never expect the pseudo elitist blind defense nerds to actually defend anything they say. S’all good.

          • dcofjapan

            Seeing the first sentence is not the same as reading an entire paragraph of nonsense. If you had common sense you would have known that.. You are correct I do not need to read it and I wasn’t planning on doing that. So you kind of wasted a few minutes of your life making your silly essay huh? Don’t you feel stupid now with all your petty insults over nothing? I wasn’t even talking to you in the first place. I didn’t ask for your opinion in other words. Don’t rage and insult. Just bow down gracefully when you know you are wrong. Not sure where people like you think it’s ok to talk to people like this but I would like to see you try that in real life. Just make sure you record when you get your ass beat. Would be a nice laugh for millions on youtube. You could name your channel “punkassbitch” would be awesome! Move it along now. You’ve got work to do. Thanks.

          • Natura Wolf

            *yawn* too long, not reading it XD

          • dcofjapan

            First of all who are you? Second nice necro. I have long forgotten of this conversation. Gtfo. thanks.

          • Natura Wolf

            Hehehe, It was a nice necro indeed 😛
            Long forgotten yet still felt a need to reply, could of ignored

          • dcofjapan

            It’s called notifications.

          • Natura Wolf


          • dcofjapan

            blocked fgt.

          • dcofjapan

            tell it to the next person they might care.

      • Drakulus

        It takes more than an hour to get to the Hinterlands in DAI. It took me an hour just to create my character. The Witcher 3 is a good game, but it’s not perfect and I honestly don’t think it’s better than Inquisition. If you like floaty combat, finding the exact same thing from every question mark on the map, and lack of difficulty then I guess The Witcher would be a great game for you.

      • ClicheTonic

        I agree. Games like Witcher 3, I can at least have an opinion on where i say i like this , dislike this …… etc. But DAI just seem……… Plain. DAI tries so hard to steal every trending ideas from every other rpgs but specialize in non of it.

        hmmmm, I never played witcher 1 or 2 but how witcher 3 started for me was great, as there is this urgency and setup and tone. While Playing DAI, i always tend to forget wat im even fighting for, as everything is so diverse and lacks focus.

    • Noble Highlander

      DAI sucks ass, worst game in the DA series by far. At least DA2 had competent combat mechanics and a consistent narrative with better character progression.

      • druout1944 .


    • Mikko L.

      Liking a game isn’t a prerequisite for reviewing it. Liking it beforehand actually makes you more biased towards it. Logic much. Objectivity plox.

    • ClicheTonic

      All you mentioned can also describe Dead Island (lots of quest, lots of places to explore, tons of collectibles, “bad” pacing [somehow this is good to u?]). so do you also think DI can be Game of year? Everything u described takes effort, design and depth to separate game of year rpg from trash. For instance, if you can name one side quest (which takes 90% of total time of game) that has depth or is really interesting or coherent to main plot—-> You win this argument

  • SpaghettiMoose

    Sure, the game has flaws, but all games do. I agree that it seems you are a little too biased to be reviewing DA:I, because your review holds no mercy or consideration for what the game does well. If you really are suffering through so many bugs then I am truly sorry, but while I have encountered a few myself I have dealt with NOTHING of this magnitude. It almost seems like you are grasping at straws and trying your hardest to be the one voice of pure hatred against this game. Maybe the reason no one is “jumping down their throat” is because no one is having as bad of a time with this game as you. You call it a bad game, but I think it’s just not your style. Or you want the attention…but who knows?

    • Jason Williams

      What does the game do well? The movement mechanics are inexcusably bad, and the combat is an embarrassment to the franchise. I LOVED DA2… This was just awful from the ground up.

  • KuraNova

    I agree with you on several points, actually. I loved the first two Dragon Age games and this one disappointed. The worst is the fact that the story is terrible. I can overlook game play flaws like any fan girl, but I can’t ignore the lack luster ending with almost zero answers or resolution. I really really really hope this is changed with DLC.

    • Josh Otanda Henderson

      So wait, you’re main complaint about this game is that the story line was awful and you loved the second Dragon Age? Did you play the second game? I mean sure the DLC and game play were both awesome, but come on that story SUCKED! My thoughts once I beat DA:2, “Okay so, I did all of that because……..Umm……..The combat was fun!”

      • Kailen Lee Mitchell

        WHAT!? DA2 story was the best part of that game, and the game play was horrendous. Of course that is just opinions on both our parts. AS far as storylines go doth DA 1 and DA:I share the same concept epic generic fantasy story, where the beauty of those stories lie with the characters, not the over all tale. DA2 was the stand out in that respect with a not so epic story line that actually details the personal story of your hero Hawke and the starting origin of this new epic that we see unfolding in DA:I.

      • Mikko L.

        Different opinions. If someone liked DA2, then that person liked it.

        • Josh Otanda Henderson

          I’m not saying I didn’t like my friend I though it was tons of fun, but there was a heavy lack of story. Though, the really incredibly fun combat system made up for the lack of story. Also, the characterization was SOOOOOOO GOOD! Each character had so much depth and I loved all them, but as for an over arching story there really wasn’t one.

    • Kailen Lee Mitchell

      Did you watch to the end of the credits ? If you did then you realize this game is just a prelude to an even more epic storyline. It will be up to Bioware to deliver on this story, but I for one loved this story. Most fantasy RPGs share the same basic frame work and story. It is the details and characters that make those stories good or bad. Perhaps you didn’t like the characters because as far as overall epic fantasy stories goes this one was pretty good.

  • David

    Haters gonna hate and baby’s gonna cry, simple as that. This game is amazing and I haven’t dealt with nearly a 10th of the issues Zach listed and I’m nearly 100 hours in. Sounds like he got a bad copy and should get a new one but since he doesn’t like amazing games he probably won’t.

    • Abdullah Amiruddin

      He’s probably playing on last gen consoles without day one patch

  • Ian Sieben

    Bias Much? I enjoyed the game and To Much To Do? people simply aren’t pleased with games now-a-days if it has little to do people complain and if it has too much to do people still complain……..If you are gonna complain about something that’s meant to be enjoyed then stop playing games, also why are you doing a review on a game you don’t enjoy anyways? its like me doing a review on sport games sense I don’t like or enjoy them I would much rather go out and play them in person then sitting on my arse and playing it.

  • Phategod1

    There’s “too much do”? I think you were reaching to get to a 5th. Who plays any game and comes up with “Theres too much to do” That has to be the laziest complaint for any game.

    • chris P

      exactly, “too much to do in a rpg” is like saying a girl is too sexy.. this guys a joke

    • ClicheTonic

      Yes There is “Too Much to Do!” And I agree. Sometimes you have games like skyrim that has well put out interesting things to do with deep story and design behind it and its awesome to play such games. But u also have games such as DAI and Dead Island where every quest felt like community service. Do u also felt Dead Island has so much to do ? and that it has a giant map ? loled

      • Phategod1

        I assume you have not played the Witcher 3 or Fallout 4 both games have exponentially more quest then inquisition. And sounds like your problem is narrative dissonance not the number of things to do.

        • ClicheTonic

          u seriously gonna compare quest on a table to games with actual actual quests? and hey , Witcher 3 do have complaints that it has too much grinding quests. As for Fallout 4, quests just arent interesting nor does it have rpg elements in it ( like DAI.) yes, my problem is quests are uninteresting and not its number. if u happy iwth quantity over quality, then its cool. This is your type of game.

          • Phategod1

            Quality is subjective but arguing “There’s too much” is a ridiculous complaint the lamest duck in the article. I don’t know or care why You can’t bother comparing The Witcher 3 to DA:I But if you have a problem with “grinding” then you have a problem with RPG’s As far as Fallout 4 you level up, spend experience points, manage inventory, spec your character. maybe it’s just me but I’d consider those RPG elements.

          • ClicheTonic

            Ya , ok man. U r the type of gamers that allows the gaming company going lazy. so as long as its grinding, its good? so quality doesnt matter anymore? I rememeber a lot of heart felt quests from skyrim and witcher. which one do u remember from DAI? u remembering collecting plants ?

            If grinding is your thing. I ‘m sure dead island is even better for u than DAI.

            In the end, even if we do say there r good grinding elements in DAI – What are you grinding for? The ez bosses? Grind stronger becuz all ur AI teamate keep dying? Or for the less than 3 hour of actual main quest?

        • ClicheTonic

          and please please dont bring witcher 3 and DAI in the same post again. DAI is just jack of all trade but the problem is that it is master in non.its difficult to name one thing in DAI that is exceptional compare to all other rpg

  • Michael Lloy

    Why does anyone care what this gigantic neckbeard has to say?

    • Eric

      fair point.

    • Robert Salvini

      God, you weren’t kidding about Fat Neckbeard. He looks like Abraham Lincoln after he tore up a Crispy Creme Doughnuts.

  • chris P

    lol this guy seems totally legit, non-biased and id say hes well versed in Rpgs.. lololol if you include “too much stuff to do” as a problem you clearly are missing the point. rifts/shards ect are not basic quest and give a decent reward but not game breaking. Also im pretty sure thats the points, if you go through and do everything you can to gain exp and prepare for end game then you’ll most likely be pretty strong. also you can always stop playing on casual or normal lol

    • chris P

      and i havnt had nearly the amount of glitches youve been saying youre having. maybe thats just on your end because i also havnt heard any issues other than the audio glitch from anyone i play with

  • Tyr Odinson

    This is coming from a guy who most likely enjoyed Skyrim. Great game, tons of gliches. Clearly you’d rather fast passed action AND maybe a little story. Go play CoD.

  • Yvesh

    Zach… Sure there are bugs, but the bugs are by far not game breaking. I’ve had to restart one quest, one in the entire game, and the only graphics glitch i’ve seen is skyhold taking a few extra seconds to load some textures. You obviously do not like RPG’s.

  • yor mom

    This game is definitely overrated, and that’s not a word I use lightly. However, this writer was way more annoyed about things that I would think were actually not that big of a deal.

    Why is it that DAII was rightly criticized for having no-consequence decisions whereas in Inquisition Bioware gets a free pass? You can make some major decisions but none of them actually do anything in the game.
    DA:O was fantastic because decisions about your origin, and how you’ve handled other story branches directly impacted not only the other branches, but also the ending of the game. DAII and DA:I both decided to wave the idea of dynamic stories in favor of “pseudo-decisions” that don’t actually do anything significant in the game.

    DA:I didn’t have “too much to do”, pretty much every side-quest just wasn’t interesting.
    Consider a side quest in Baldur’s Gate II: You overhear a preacher in the streets of the Temple District blaspheming the gods by proclaiming that there is only one true god. After investigating, you find out that the people are worshiping a blind monster called a “Beholder”, and the Beholder is looking for some artifact deep underground. What you do from there is up to you.
    Consider a side quest in DA:I : Go out scavenger hunting for “shards” that are revealed by a spooky skull thing for no apparent reason, and get rewarded by “much lootz” or whatever.

    Where is the interesting villain in DA:I? A deformed power-mad mage can be a FANTASTIC villain, look up Jon Irenicus. “The pain will only be passing, you should survive the process.” (That guy’s voice is forever embedded in my brain.)
    I can barely even remember the name of the villain in DA:I. Coripheus or something?
    The dude is pissed because of something he found out about the Black City. It was almost interesting, except you never actually learn much about him, his motivations, his history, or his objective. Just kind of vague exposition.

    No characters I cared much about. This is of course the most subjective complaint I have. I found myself still most interested in Morrigan and her few lines about my character in DA:O than I was with any of the conversations or side-quests, or Josephine romance, that I’d participated in.
    I was actively annoyed by Sera’s odd prevaricating and square-jaw’s (Whatever her name is) aggressive complaining.

    LGBT pandering. I don’t mind any kind of sexual orientation you want to put into a game. Hell, you can even make every NPC you mean a gay male if you want to, but it should be part of your artistic vision, not something you’ve tacked on for political points or to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Deciding from the outset that you’re going to have 2 straight, 2 bisexual, and 2 homosexual romances and then filling those sexual preferences with an identity is actively repulsive to me.
    Constraining your artistic vision with sexual archetypes for political points is not ok. <- Period.

    Terrible ending! Why have so many people criticized ME:3 for it's ending, because it throws most of your decisions aside in order to fit the mold of a very restrictive ending, and yet not criticizing DA:I for doing pretty much the same thing!?
    Nothing you do for the 78 hours or so that you play has any significant impact on the ending whatsoever. That should have been a big part of every criticism of this game and yet pretty much every reviewer is mum on the issue.
    Why? Because of a pretty cool plot twist after the credits? Because the game wasn't as terrible as DA:II? Who knows.

    The game is OK. I'd give it a 7.5 or so, but this game is no masterpiece. It's visually impressive, the combat is engaging, the party banter is fun, and the story has some powerful moments.

    • vaasilis

      DA:I isn’t as much criticized for its ending because Dragon Age is to put it bluntly; No Mass Effect. Mass Effect is bigger than Dragon Age. Heck Shepard is more popular than any character to ever come out of Dragon Age. That’s why there was more outage. Nobody really cares about Dragon Age or its plots lmao

      • dcofjapan

        and mass effect is a completely different genre.. imo who gives a shit about mass effect or its plots lmao. gamer logic…pls stfu. people who dislike space and science fiction are not going to like that game. and people who don’t like medieval settings with dragons obviously won’t like Inquisition. Thing is why are you reading articles about games you dislike. Peasant pls.

    • Josh S.

      Okay first, this ending is not at all terrible. One, I personally found the ending to be a fantastic plot twist. Two, why should the ending be compared to ME3? ME3 was the final game in Shepard’s story- it was the narrative’s climax. However, DA: I is NOT the end of the story, it’s the start of the next chapter. It’s the implications of the endgame that are the most interesting. I read a really good point somewhere else that defended the final battle. The “boss fight” is actually a long, ongoing thing. After all, this is a war, and you’re beating Corypheus on multiple fronts that eventually force him to do something desperate, such as a direct confronation with only him and his dragon. After all, you’ve decimated many of his forces over time.

      Which leads me to the villan problem you have: Corypheus is like Saren in Mass Effect. He’s the tip of the iceberg, as more monumental things are happening that are bigger than him. So why was he there? He was there to expand upon the story of the Maker, Andraste, the Blight, etc. He cast doubt on everything people knew about the world, and through him, we learn more truths about the Black City, the Fade, and Thedas. He was given the orb by Solas, who was trying to use him for a much larger purpose. Much like Saren was an agent. Corypheus may be dead, but there is still a lot of mystery around him, and that is done on purpose.

      On the characters, I’ll actually agree with you more than disagree. I only really cared about the series veterans. The exceptions being that I really liked Joesphine, Vivienne, and Sera (However, Morrigan was still my favorite). Blackwell, Dorian, even Iron Bull were kinda meh. Bioware has great characters in their roster, they just need to not add anyone new and make an “All-Stars” sort of group of companions.

      As far as LGBT pandering goes, I never got that vibe. Dorian’s sexuality comes up in his quest, but it makes sense with his character. It’s not like the characters are reduced to their sexuality and that’s what they’re all about. THAT would be pandering. And how in the hell did it inhibit the artistic vision? It’s not like it made the characters less interesting. Honestly, sexuality in a way IS just sort of a “tacked on” characteristic. An individual doesn’t neccessarily have to act a certain way or have a certain personality just because of their sexuality. What would you want to have seen? Would Sera have been a better character if she was straight? Would the roster be better if they were all straight? I’m not saying that is what you’re suggesting by any means, but my point is, when you are creating a character, there is NO WAY to dictate who “should” be gay, striaght, bisexual, etc. Sexuality kinda just “is.”

      • yor mom

        Pretty much this whole game was crap from start to finish, but it’s obviously opinion, but I guess I have a couple points:
        1.) I don’t care whether a game might get better with future iterations. If the first book of a series sucks on its own, then it sucks. It doesn’t make any difference whether it’s part of a better trilogy or whatever.
        2.) I don’t understand how anyone could miss the LGBT pandering vibe. There was a castle in this game that was built for a queen’s husband’s adulterous gay lover in the woods. The queen had no problems with this, and was actually friends with the the homosexual adulterer all the time until his death when he was buried with dignity. There was no story arc in this story, or conflict, it pretty much just a story about how great this gay adulterous love triangle relationship was.
        They decided from the outset that they’d have 2 straight options, 2 gay options, and 2 bi options. They straight up admitted that they designed characters starting from how they feel about penis’ and vagina’s and went from there! That might be fine if you’re writing a pornography, but when you’re trying to write a decent story maybe you should start with, oh I don’t know, characterization? Maybe you might want to write characters with interesting backgrounds and opinions about current events that tie into the overall story? It’s not a coincidence that these characters are weak, they’re weak precisely because of the design philosophy going into it. I didn’t feel like any of the characters grew out of somebodies artistic vision, they were just shoddy boring archetypes that had me wanting them all murdered at the earliest convenience.

        • Josh S.

          1) I really still disagree here, I don’t think the game sucked, and frankly, most don’t. It’s not you cup of tea. That’s fine. Though if you haven’t played the first 2 games, that could be why.

          2) So because of one codex entry that never gets talked about you think that’s pandering? That’s not pandering. It was a little blurb about a castle. Most people probably never read that entry. And why would they create a story “arc” about that? It’s serving as a “here is the story behind this building” codex entry. There is a bunch of them. Why is this such a big deal? The fact that this is the first example you provide, a random codex entry, shows that you really have to reach to make a pandering claim.
          As for the characters, where did you hear that they designed their whole character around their sexual orientation? Even if they said that (which I never saw or read that, and I had/have email alerts for any articles/news/wirtten media about this game), I fail to see how that manifested itself. Iron Bull is a great character. Sera is hilarious. Dorian isn’t my favorite, but he is cool. And Josephine is one of my favorite characters, very wise, humorous, down to Earth, and knows what she’s doing. Tell me how their sexual orientation plays into any of their flaws as designed characters? Their personality has nothing to do with their sexual orientation. For example, Sera’s orientation would only be known to someone who isn’t romancing her if they had specific party members at some point and specific part banter occurred. These characters are not “pervaded” with a since of “gay” or “lesbian.” For that to be true, their design would have to be such that they all have explanations or justifications for their sexuality. Josephine never talks about it. Sera mentions it briefly (see above), Iron Bull says little to nothing about it if you aren’t romancing him. These are not just archetypes. In fact, Sera, Josephine, and Iron Bull were all very well recieved by gamers.

          • yor mom

            “Tell me how their sexual orientation plays into any of their flaws as designed characters?”

            As you wish, here’s some examples.

            I didn’t get into a lot of the storylines. I know very little about Sera, for instance.

            1.) Sera is one of the lesbians they needed for their quota. So she has a butch haircut and isn’t “feminine”; She’s crass, crude, dirty, and assertive (Because we know how lesbians are. /sarcasm) I Didn’t like her mainly because she talks like she’s constantly having a mini-stroke;

            “I just… I’ve got all this Chantry stuff in my head, and it makes sense, right? But it’s… fuzzy. I want to see if it’s all really real. I just don’t know if I want to really know.”

            Who the Hell talks like that? Why not just make her talk like Yoda?

            They’d hate to just make a cliche Tom-Boy lesbian though, right? Right??

            2.) Dorian. By the gods Dorian. I can see the committee now, “We need a gay guy, so what should he be like?”

            “Well we all know gay guys are obsessive about their appearance, so he’s very clean and wears makeup, like, duh. He’s super narcissistic, because gay, amirite?”

            “So what should be his subplot?”

            “Well he’s gay, so like there should be daddy issues and a rejection of his gayness.”


            3.) Josephine couldn’t be more straight-girl princess story garbage if you tried as hard as you possibly can. I played through her entire romance and there was absolutely nothing redeeming about this character whatsoever. You duel for her affections, you bring her flowers, you cuddle on the couch, you talk for hours over a balcony overlooking mountaintops *swoon*, she’s formal and refined. She’s a secretary and she’s very family-oriented, because of course she is.

            She’s a feminine straight female hoping for her white-knight to come sweep her off her feet. Blech.

            4.) Iron Bull. They needed their bisexual, so what do straight girls and gay guys like? Sensitive muscular men, of course! So they make a sensitive mercenary leader who has an eyepatch (Because eyepatches are cool!).

            That certainly dumbs their characters down a bit, but I do see them as being heavily influenced by sexual stereotypes, because they had meet their quotas. I could make pretty much the same arguments with Cullen, and Blackwall. That makes 6 out of 8 romances with characters that pretty heavily conform to gender stereotypes, I would leave out Cassandra and Solas. That’s pretty damn pervasive.

            Go figure that my favorite character was Cole, which didn’t have a romance and simultaneously also didn’t conform to gender stereotypes.

            That makes it sound like I hated all the characters, when I didn’t. Like I said before the banter was good, and the characters were ok, but to me they all felt uninspired and boring and it definitely feels like it’s because they had romance quotas they wanted to fill.

          • Josh S.

            1) First, I think Cassandra fits more “lesbian stereotypes” than Sera, and she’s straight. My point is, making her lesbian and having some stereotypes isn’t bad. If you look hard enough, you’ll find a sterotype of something in everyone. Heck, if you’re fighting alongside the inquisitor and in their inner circle, you better be assertive whether you’re male or female, gay or straight. Sera has some stereotypes, but the short haircut and assertiveness actually fits her personality: quirky, silly, finding humor in most anything, and in charge of a no-nonsense organization for the “little people”. She thinks short term and, as the designers said, “she wants what’s right in that moment.”
            Also, remember one of your first conversations in Haven: When you meet her, at that point, she’s really the only one who doesn’t buy the whole Maker thing, and the gist of the conversation is that she holds a viewpoint few others do, so she wants to make sure the Inquisitor hears a perspective few others offer. It makes sense that she acts the way she does, all things considered.

            Now, spoiler here, but the reason why she talks so “oddly” about the Fade, Maker, Magic etc. is part of Sara’s hidden nature. If you have Cole and/or Solas in your party with her, you discover via party convo she has an odd and mysterious connection with the Fade. It puts her in a different light in why she talks the way she does: she hates and disbelieves in all the religion stuff, but can’t deny what she is experienceing. It’s actually quite interesting if you want to look it up. The stuff she experiences and has seen is… mysterious and thought-provoking to say the least. She may be a lot more important then we think.

            2) I agree Dorian is the most steretypical, I concede that point. But I still think they built an interesting character with him regardless. (He’s not my absolute favorite however. He’s okay, just not my favorite.)

            3) You do know Josephine is bisexual right? a male or female inquisitor can romance her.

            4) Iron Bull’s sexuality isn’t unusual- when you talk to him about romance in his homeland, he basically says that they’re kind of “whatever” about it, and “whatever” about sex as well. He has a sensitive side yes, but to say that he fit some stereotype and that’s why they designed is making a huge assumption. He’s big and muscular because he is a Qunari who is well-trained. Makes sense. He’s the leader of a small mercenary company, and he is sensitive and protective of them. That also makes sense. He has strong opinions about mages because his homeland has been at war with Tevinter for lord know how long. Makes sense. To say that the writers made the source of his sensitivity towards those he loves (the Chargers and possibly the inquisitor) his sexuality isn’t fair- the reasons for his sensitivity make sense. As far as the eyepatch goes, the reason for that is explained and actually helps you understand his character and his effectiveness as a leader very well.
            Think of it this way: would you have been happier if they made Iron Bull ruthless and not give two craps about anyone so that he wouldn’t fit the stereotype? I doubt you, or anyone else, would. It wouldn’t make sense and it would stunt any sort of character development if he had no connection to his merry band of followers or the person he’s fighting for.

            I also think it makes sense to not have a romance option with Cole. I think it might have been possible or understandable, don’t get me wrong, but I understand their decision. He is still trying to wrestle with being a Spirit versus a human. Which is he? He still is trying to understand what it means to be human and experience things beyond just sorrow and how to fix it. I don’t know if you did the companion quest (I’m assuming you did) but I understand why a relationship might not have made a whole lot of sense for Cole. He has a hard time feeling comfortable with social norms and friends, so I don’t think getting into the complexity of emotions that is a relationship is feasible. Granted, I acknowledge that could be my bias, since I’ve already played through the narrative with his lack of romance as the reality. (Meaning it just might be a case of it being difficult to imagine differently).

            I understand your points, but I think there’s a bit more than what you suggest, just based on my experience and the conversations with/information about your followers.

          • yor mom

            I think if I gave Cassandra and Sera more of a chance I’d like them more. I was also surprised to hear that Josephine was bisexual. She’s definitely very stereo-typically feminine but it’s hard to argue it’s because they wanted their straight-girl love interest if she wasn’t straight!
            I don’t have much more to argue but I stand by that their writing was burdened by their decision to write characters to conform to set types of romances. Trying to appeal to everyone is exactly the way to kill a special piece of art; Because if it appeals to everyone, then it’s not special. I suspect, though I have no way to prove it, that this is why I ended up not caring about any of the characters like I did in the first game.
            The mind numbing busywork, and a very uneven story plagued by a lack of dynamism means there’s no way I’m going back to learn more about Cassandra, Sera, or Solas. Maybe that’s a shame.

          • Josh S.

            I understand, though before you write this off completely, How much time did you spend in the Hinterlands? I read a great article that explained how some people have the game almost irreversably ruined for them simply because they approached the Hinterlands in a way a lot of gamers would: Complete all the quests, or at least many of the quests, given in an area before moving on. It makes the story seem more disjointed than it is. It’s a lot different if you stick with the main story until you hit Skyhold, as the Power costs aren’t extremely high. And having played through the game twice now, I truly understand that those fetch quests are VERY optional. Through Fade Rifts, interesting Companion Quests, main quests, etc., You should get most of the Power/levels you need. Plus each area has its own “main quest,” of sorts (clear the fade rift beneath the water, capture a Keep and slay a powerful demon, etc.)

            I will agree though- my interest in these new characters is limited. With rare exception, I only truly cared about a few characters… Sorta. I mean, I like Sera, Josephine, Iron Bull, but I’d drop them in a heartbeat for the chance to fight alongside the original companions. I’d like to think they will eventually make an “All-Star” cast of companions, made up of the favorites. I become attached less and less to the companions every time the send out a new “set.”

          • yor mom

            I made sure to buy this game after the reviews came out. I wasn’t going to get burned again like I was with Dragon Age 2. When I read about how amazing this game was, I figured I’d try to experience all of the content it had to offer. So I did almost every single quest in the game.
            I did all the skull fetch quests, but I didn’t go back to unlock the doors because by that point I lost all hope that it would reveal anything remotely interesting. I can’t think of anything else I skipped out on, besides a good chunk of characters – Aforementioned.
            So ya, you’re exactly right that I made the mistake of doing the horrendous side-quests which really poisoned the game for me, including the Hinterlands.
            I’m not sure there’s enough content that I missed to get me into another play-through.

            You know, six months ago I didn’t dislike this game as much as I do now. There were some cool parts of this game; the siege and subsequent loss of Haven, party interactions as I’m traveling around, the beautiful environments and atmosphere, the surprise reveal of Solas, meeting Morrigan again at the ball, storming the enemy with the Champion of Kurkwall and then promptly feeding him to the Fear Demon (Easy decision.), turning a dragon over to my side -and fighting some pretty cool dragons-, getting insanely powerful, and how could I leave out the goat catapult?

            Looking back on that game I don’t get a sense of wonder, or amusement though. I think of the slog. I think of those 80 hours or so trudging from one meaningless task to meaningless task making decisions that almost totally didn’t effect the current story, for people I didn’t really care about against a foe that seemed incompetent and impotent (And turned out to be exactly that.). :l
            That’s a bummer.

          • CursedCreation

            If there was one thing you should go back and do in DAI, it’s romance Solas. After romancing him and playing through Trespasser I didn’t even want to play through any of the other romances. Keep in mind that as I’m saying this I completely acknowledge the fact that I tend to be bias towards more tragic stories and characters XD

          • Noble Highlander

            Actually, most people do think it sucks. Look at the userscore on metacritic for the game. Clearly a lot of people found the game medicore at best.

          • Mikko L.

            You should review what pandering means. X]

        • zocli michael

          what annoy me the most with this game, is that i can’t kill all these fucking faggots and put the world in flames.

    • Noble Highlander

      Correct but the combat sucked. The reason why it sucked is because it lacked the tactical menu screen which you can use to mitigate idiotic companion AI. DAO and DA2 had this, it made the combat fun. The combat in this game is not fun because your AI is bad, it’s bad and you cant do anything about it because you dont have a tactics menu screen to give orders beforehand and prevent your AI teammates from doing stupid shit.

      • dcofjapan

        Subjective. You’ll never win this argument. Also people solo this on Nightmare… Run up with Blackwall taunt and profit. True some classes don’t do well on ai but since you like to micro manage your team according to your previous comment that isn’t a problem is it?…

    • Mikko L.

      Hear, hear! 😀

  • Diztorshion

    Why would they let someone with a biased opinion against the Dragon Age series review it? Makes no sense.

  • Nomad

    Yeesh. This guy’s article is rough. And I’m not talking hard-hitting-journalism kind of rough. I’m talking about the sentence structure. 5 years of writing? Keep practicing.

    Anyway, 1 of his 5 points is somewhat accurate, however clunky.

  • Mike Simcock

    The issue with this game is not the side quests (read side quests because they don’t need to be related to the main plot) nor with the voice acting (you can’t interpret whether the character was intended to sound bland) the real issue with the game is that there is no Sandal or Oghren. nothing else really matters.

  • Savlin

    So I wouldn’t go so far as to say this game is the worst for the year. I have thoroughly enjoyed DA:I, but coming from the PC side I would say that bugs and controls are a problem. Every time I go to the war-room I have to hurry through it in fear of crashing, I even learned to save right before I go in. The controls for pc are clunky on m&kb I ended up using a controller for it, it just works better.

    I do however have to disagree with the VA part. The actress who did Cassandra played the part well. Cassandra is a strong person that isn’t sure if what she believes is true anymore, and you hear it. I have a feeling it’s more of a personal taste kinda thing though.

    Overall good job at pointing out some of the things Bioware can do better.

  • Adam L

    Stopped reading after he said it was one of the worst games of the year.

  • Poblacht na hÉireann

    The bad controls on pc is a real issue, the rest is bullshit.

  • Famo

    You are a sad soul zach. I got this game for both ps4 and PC. Stop complaining now!

  • Spart

    What in the hell. You have ONE legitimate problem with this game, controls. The rest of it is personal bullshit. I’ve had 3 crashes in 80 hours, 2 before using Nvidia recommended settings and once after a 6 hour session. The majority of bugs I’ve seen in the game are minor graphical ones. Your just another guy who doesn’t like RPGs, but makes himself play it just so that he can bitch about something.

  • 43wwe

    This is so fucking true. DAI is no good game, for the facts he told. The voice actors, especially in the german version are super bad. Even in the english version some sound like recorded not far away, others sound like they stand in a fucking bathroom. The story is shit, well thats my personal opinion but the complete setup just feels incomplete. The granny after the first big fight starting singing a random song, i was like “fuck are they serious”?
    It could have become a good game, but it didnt.
    Everyone who actually thinks this is the game of the year should play skyrim or fallout. This are games worth playing.
    oh and big /congrats to EA and denuvo for fucking with my ssd for no reason. Did they really think this thing wont be cracked? This whole game is a blame

  • Sara Harley

    I am probably one of the “biased Bioware fans” you spoke of, and I’m happy to admit it. They’ve proven to me time and time again that they know how to make a great game. I love both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, I realize they may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I would say any of those games shouldn’t be considered bad. Inquisition isn’t a bad game, certainly not even close to worst of the year. Seems like you’re not a fan of Bioware’s style of RPGs, which is fine, but don’t blame well deserved praise on pure fandom.

  • RobinHood

    Warning: reviewer hates RPGs. Don’t read.

    • Raansu

      Ya its pretty obvious lol.

  • Jezzer

    “…has made somewhat of a name for himself at the age of 22.”


  • Firant

    All of those, except for bugs, seem to be your problem. Not enjoying the little quests? Push the plot. Worried you’ll miss gear? Why, looking for the optimum pvp build?

    Just do things while they’re fun. If not fun, stop. Durr.

  • Fred Rated

    You are actually the worst.

  • Robert Trout

    Funny how he hates the game yet still plays… I love the game. Any issues you seen to be having are your specifically. My game seems fine and those hills you have trouble platforming up are relatively easy for me. Rpg’s are ment to get tough enemies quickly. That’s why everyone level grinds. You don’t have to do every mission you start… The idea it’s too load up on quests and do them when you are in the area

  • Andre

    I stopped reading after “mass effect is basically gears of war in space”

  • Ryan Kosior

    It is abundantly clear that you know very little about video games.
    If this game was not good, what recent games have you actually enjoyed? Bayonetta 2?

  • Kris Hanson

    Uh… Not blaming the devs for technical issues and bugs? Have you even taken 5 minutes to peruse the EA support forums for this game? Thousands can’t even play the damn thing due to crashing. Those people are pissed, with one thread being over 200 pages.

  • Cakefish

    Apart from the odd crash here and there I have experienced nowhere near the amount of bugs you describe here. NVIDIA 344.75 drivers. Perhaps, it is a driver issue with your GPU?

  • White

    This is not a review,first of all,stop saying “you should not have reviewed it if you did not like the first and the second games”, because HE DID NOT REVIEW IT. Is he an idiot? Yes,he is,he is, and probably an attention whore too ,but its not a review,its an opinion article

  • Gawdzila

    You’re clearly insane, nitpicky, have no sense of proportionality or priority, and hate everything that is actually good and right about rpgs and games in general.

    Either that or you’re actually profoundly intellectually dishonest and are simply trying to score points with BioWare haters because you it’s trendy to hate BioWare, rather than writing an honest and reasonable review.

    In either case the best course of action is to simply ignore whatever incompetent thing you have to say.

  • Sol

    I’ve been so disappointed by this game I don’t event wanna finish it

  • whiskeybuckets

    Flat out; this game sucks

  • Rafael Heria

    I found the side quest and entire atmosphere of the game boring up until I got to Skyhaven, then that is when the game really opened up. I played in the Hinterlands without doing any of the main quest for like 25 hours of the game trying to get done with all the side quest and got so bored. Finally I said screw it and did some main quest and when I got to Skyhaven the side quest seemed to get a little more interesting and there was still some, but less filler, generic fetch quest. It was a good game. The problem I have had with Dragon Age as a whole is that the entire series seemed like it has had an identity problem, like Bioware never really knew what they wanted to do with Dragon Age or how they wanted it to play and it seems like they got a little insecure and then just kept adding everything everyone wanted. For the Mass Effect series it seemed like they had a clearer vision and you can tell through the content. For Dragon Age it really seemed like they suffered to look for what exactly they wanted to do, for instance, DAO was like a Baldurs Gate spiritual successor and it was great, DA2 seemed like they wanted to live to much off the Mass Effect fame and it seemed like they wanted to win their Mass Effect core audience over to Dragon Age, DAI seems like they just listened to WAY to many people and wanted to make everyone happy. Mass Effect may have changed game to game, and they might have moved away a little bit from teh RPG elements in favor of a thrid person shooter but it still felt like Mass Effect at the end of the trilogy. Dragon Age always feels like something different each time and that is not always a good thing, especially when they had it down perfectally the first time…

    • Miss Molly

      I have a hard time taking your comment seriously when you don’t even know what the hub fortress is called.

  • disqus_RrJwOdCITx

    So, how about this? The glitches and bugs are terrible. Awful. Kind of ridiculous that they’re still not patched. Playing on the One.

  • TimmyP

    I HATE with a passion the pausing, micro-managing time mechanic of these games. Pausing in the middle of a battle has completely kept me from enjoying this game. Feels like I am sucked right out of the game (just like the last ones).

    Anyways…Give Risen 3 a try it may come off as “cheaper,” until you realize that it does right, what Skyrim, DA, Fallout (loved it tho), FAIL to do. BTW made by the same people who made Gothic 1,2…The BEST RPG development team on PC.

  • William

    Real question: are you retarded? Majority of your “problems” are dumb/non-existent. The only one I can really give you is how the Inquisitor speaks. Cassandra sounding like she does is part of her character. The pacing is as big of a problem as literally all RPGs. If you do all the side stuff, you’re going to become over leveled, only a moron would think otherwise. And the bugs are annoying but there’s no game breaking ones, not even quest breaking ones.

  • May Roco

    Well can’t defend this game, I bought it 4 days ago and I still don’t played, because of the f*** bugs

  • Dess

    what should’ve been mentioned too is the plot pacing and the plot in general. the game’s supposed to take course over 3 years and it doesn’t feel like it at all. you can literally go on discovering all the new areas and ignore the plot completely, which may be fitting for the elder scrolls series but for dragon age, plot-heavy as it’s supposed to be, it’s completely out of place.
    corypheus is also (imo) the weakest enemy in the franchise. an old magister that wants to ascend to godhood, because…? we don’t get motivation from him, we don’t get anything aside from “harr harr i’m evil, get out of my way, harr harr”. to put it mildly, it’s a disappointment.
    in inquisition you’re supposed to build an army to defeat this old evil magister. regarding this i’d like to quote something i read about this “you’re told that it’s “lead them or fail”. only that the inquisition never fails. from skyhold on you never have this sense of urgent danger and in the entire game the inquisition does not fail once”. haven is the climax of the game because that is the only time the newly-founded inquisition is at a risk to be destroyed. for me it’s probably the most enjoyable part of the game and it’s sad.

  • Kayden Chin

    I got nothing to complain but the mini map….its need a path or a walkway to reach the point but the mini doesnt show up anything but a few logo .why dont you create it just like the DA 2 …come on a lill bit dissapointed on u DA .
    So thats why DA 2 is more famous than DA Inquisition…. SUCK MINI MAP

  • Bob Bobington

    hated this game origins was great i loved 2 even though it got bad reviews nothing that bad about this game just nothing good either lot of small disappointments little things but so many little things

  • Humpta Humpta

    While I haven`t experienced that many bugs, I agree 100%: One of the worst AAA RPGs ever. Mix of lame Diablo like button mashing and insignificant strategy combat, senseless MMOish mechanics, the atmosphere doesn`t reflect the story beeing told, no connection to NPCs or even your own character due to a lack of emotional investment or character developement, lifeless scenery with no daily routines or dynamic weather, numerous logic errors, no consequences to key choices, a whole lot of filler side quests that don`t fit the story, an uninspired and vague antagonist and so on and so forth… Considering Biowares core competence is rich storytelling and unforgettable characters, this game is a huge failure and painfully dumbed down product to me.

  • baj

    Dai is an awfully bioware game and that’s because the rest of the game is great except for the compions witch bioware normally does right not in this game the are the most unintrsting ppl I’ve met in a bioware game every voice acter wondered when there next pay check was coming none of them carrrred about wat they where saying or how they took no pride in there work nooooooone. The reason this makes dai a bad game is because u don’t care about ppl traveling w/u and fighting for because they obviously don’t care then why should I also I wd rather spend most of the game fighting by myself then I would w/ the likes of Cassandra, iron balls, coal, daddy issuses, fakewall, and let’s not forget our most intrsting character vi—— ? Wat was her name again

  • Laurie Neufeld

    Damned straight. Also, releasing the game for “old systems” and then claiming more recent DLC just won’t “play on the old systems” so you need to buy the new console, a new game, etc? And yet the same glitches, bugs and crashes occur regularly on the new gen consoles, too. Bait and switch.

  • Smegtasticus

    I disagree with pretty much every point on this list, but each their own. I’ve only ever encountered a few minor bugs. None of them were game-killing.

  • Shamz

    Horrible game. I threw it back in EA’s face after playing it for some 6 hours. Awful.

  • Michael

    1: The controls are more old school, and have been improved upon with each new release of the game, to say that they were half assed is ignorant at best.
    2: Cassandra sounds 10x better than she did in DA2 and she never exhibits a monotone voice, sure it could be better but it’s not bad.
    2b: there are two different male voices, while I agree the second of the two options sounds a bit distant and unemotional the first sounds rather normal and well done.
    3: You call it poor pacing, I call it diverse world immersion. What you are expecting is mmorpg style of zones which is quite bland. They incorporated higher level quests and monsters into zones so you could come back another time and enjoy the same zone in a different way.
    4: “Too much content” While I’ll agree some of the quests are stupid, pointless, and have little to no game impact other than XP and rewards. I will refute that the number of random quests makes the world feel more alive, if all you had to do was a linear path then you wouldn’t feel like you’re in a intractable world. You also have the choice to ignore side quests altogether if you don’t find them worth while.
    5: Only bug I experienced was an audio bug due to my 7.1 surround sound headphones which I quickly fixed using some basic trouble shooting. a bit anecdotal but for you to assume that since you experienced a number of bugs everyone else must have experienced the same is slightly ridiculous.

    All in all your review is full of bias, doesn’t explain any of the strong points of the game to explain why it got goty, and is lacking good arguing points. I think whoever is in charge of your payroll should rethink your employment.

  • balcobomber25

    My biggest complaints with it is the minimap is completely useless, there are too many mountain in the game. I realize mountains are used to naturally create smaller game areas but if you are going to use them don’t make quest items hidden by them so I have to walk 7 miles around to get 10 feet in front me. And finally the Hinterlands. The Hinterlands itself isn’t a bad area and I had a lot of fun with it, but the game starts out with a great tutorial and then just drops you into the Hinterlands with little rhyme or reason as to where you are or what you are doing there. The Hinterlands is too big of an area to be the first place you go, the Storm Coast would have been much better.

  • andrew-1148

    The only one I disagree with of these points is the bugs. Maybe it’s been patched since this article was written however I’m on my third playthrough and I haven’t had a game ending crash yet, suffered glitches through floors or quests that can’t be finished.

  • Major Tom

    Obviously the bugs don’t make the game “unplayable”, you’re playing it, and many thousands of people have finished it. The game is obviously not as bad as you make it out to be, I have my problems with it, but there are BAD games out there.

    You call Bioware one of the most overrated devs in the industry, but I doubt you remember what the state of RPG’s were when Balder’s gate was released, and what effect it had on the industry, not to mention how freaking awesome it and it’s sequel’s were at the time. Just BG and Mass Effect alone give them an honored place in history, many dev’s have acquired epic status for less.

  • Herc

    This game has code that’s been copy/pasted from KOA Reckoning source code, I can’t believe that hasn’t been mentioned. They copycat other rpgs throughout the entire game as well, but the menus, the harvesting of ingredients, the retarded “focus” mechanic (trying to be just like “fate” in KOA), KOA did it all first and DAI doesn’t even rewrap the shit, it’s lazily copy/pasted/published and looks and feels EXACTLY the same. Well almost… What’s really pathetic is they copycat the lame shit but then they take the decent combat mechanics and player leveling system from KOA and completely fuck it up! It was better in KOA, way better. Smoother, the abilities complimented each other and made fights engaging and coherent. DAI is all over the place and totally disorganized in combat and the abilities, my god, the ability trees… lemme make it perfectly clear in case Bioware staff is reading (which they are, theyre commenting too, and thats sad, so sad, but funny lol) …. being creative and pulling random, nonsensical crap out of your ass are 2 totally different things! The ability trees in DAI are fucking garbage, boring, and in no way offer a leveling path where one ability meaningfully compliments the ones next in line. Instead it’s you spend a point on a perk which lets you do something boring and retarded thats mostly useless to you in the game and doesn’t really fit with any of your other abilities… caltrops?? How fucking stupid! Sera’s elixer tree?? Get it out of my playstation already! It’s infuriating and it ruins the game, right about the same time you realise the clunky, repetitive button mashing bullshit combat mechanics ruined it first. Worst rpg I’ve ever played, and that’s cuz I only play good games, and bioware clearly paid for good reviews of this sloppy, dull, overgrown pos. METACRITIC says it all bitchez

  • ghasem khalily

    if you don’t like a game it doesn’t mean it’s a shit!!!

    so many say The Witcher 3 is a masterpice, yes it is but i could bring you lots of shamefull bugs for this game!
    all in all this game is not a fucking 10 out of 10…

    and for DA:I it’s again a masterpice, but it has some shitty bugs, too.

    i’m not going to make it longer but in future i might write a longer review for this two games…

    please if you don’t like a game, just say i don’t like it.
    why the fuck you say it’s boring, because you don’t like it!

    well, no one gives a shit till you judge a game on your emotions…