The Sims 4: Content Updates No One Expected


In what might actually be one of the company’s more surprising actions to date, EA has announced that The Sims 4 will be receiving both ghosts and swimming pools – in future free content updates

Yeah, I just used ‘EA’ and ‘free’ in the same sentence. Somewhere, a gamer or two fainted.

“October brings the spoooooky addition of Ghosts to The Sims 4,” said Rachel Franklin, EA’s executive producer and vice president. “Your dead Sims can now rejoin the world of the living, where they maintain all the attributes they had as a Sim, but with special new behaviors based on how they died. Invite them to join your Sims’ household and they can be playable characters; if you dare, you might even find a way to bring your ghosts back to life.”


In fact, the content updates are themed. October brought ghosts and Star Wars costumes, while pools and swimsuits will be released in the chilly November air. December’s bringing Career paths and rewards, although we don’t know as of right now exactly which careers will be making it into the new game.

After receiving no small amount of backlash for the amount of content they decided to violently strip out of The Sims 4, it’s no surprise that EA decided to backpedal faster than a bandit who just tried to rob the Dragonborn. The speculation was that they’d end up adding the items separately in stuff packs or future expansions, forcing those who wanted their old, favorite features back to spend more money for them. It’d kind of be a slap in the face to those who’d already dropped the $60 or $70 for the game, but….well, we’re all pretty aware of EA’s special ‘problem’:


It’s safe to say EA’s at least trying to take a few baby steps in the direction of better business management ever since the disappointment that was Simcity. Sims 4’s mixed reviews probably weren’t doing much for the company’s image, especially with how much they attempted to hype it up. The new Create-A-Sim is actually more than halfway decent, but it’s clear that most of EA’s time and resources went into that character creator and little else.


Did you think we were playing the games to build houses and raise families? Oh, EA, you sweet summer child.

But who’s to say these free content updates won’t mean good things in the future? It’s already a big step forward for a company who’s perfectly content to slap a DLC price on everything, but at the same time, it wasn’t wise to release the game with quite so much missing content. Some features that had been in the game since the beginning were even removed, to the chagrin of players who looked forward to improvements in that regard. Especially the reported decrease in Sim stupidity that we all know and love.

Don’t worry, folks. The Sims is far from dead, no matter how much EA’s slightly manic obsession with cash affects it. Will Wright didn’t give us those llamas for us to give up so soon, did he?


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