Destiny: Become Disappointed


Destiny is a massively successful title. Being the first new and original IP from the creators of Halo will do that to you. However, success does not dictate Destiny being a masterpiece or even a game that could compete with what Halo had. The reviews for the latest Ninja Turtles movie were horrible and yet it made a crazy huge amount of money. Why? Because people will still buy into the marketing hype behind a product. I got to review Destiny and I gave it a 6.5/10. I thought I was being pretty damn forgiving because the game was consistent and it controlled very well. It is playable, unlike games such as Too Human or Ride to Hell: Redemption. The bottom line is that Destiny is nothing like the game Bungie was letting on. Some of my complaints were addressed in a different article, but this is worth saying. I had very low expectations for Destiny, and I was still disappointed. What does that tell you? These are my three biggest issues with the game.

1. Dull and Generic Storyline


There is nothing special about Destiny‘s story. When you look at Halo, you have characters that are immediately recognizable that aren’t Guilty Spark and Master Chief. If you were to show me pictures of the other main characters in Destiny, I would not be able to tell you their names. The game fumbles through massive amounts of exposition from your Ghost “scanning” some ancient terminal giving you information that is apparently relevant, but it never actually tells you anything. I still don’t really know what the Vex are and why they are deciding to ruin people’s day. I have zero clue about what the Black Garden is and why I was attacked by three giant killing machines, and I don’t even know what I saved the Solar System from. I have seen people try to tell me that this is the purpose of Destiny‘s story, that it is intentionally vague to make the player think and explore. Now that would be interesting, if there was content in the game to back this up. After you complete the game there is nothing there to explain what you did and what you killed. It is bad storytelling, and just because this game is made by Bungie gives it ZERO excuse to get a free pass on laziness.

2. Monotonous Gameplay and Combat


I understand you can only do so much with an FPS, especially in an MMO environment like Destiny. However, there are two shooters that do what Destiny does, but so much better. They are Firefall and Warframe. Hold on, I know Warframe is a TPS, but there are plenty of similarities in Warframe and Destiny when it comes to mission structure and atmosphere. Warframe has more varied missions and a frenetic/fast combat system. This sets it apart and makes the game unique.

Getting to Firefall, the game can be played in first person and it plays very well. The game utilizes a class based system with a wide variety of weapons, weapon mods, and abilities.  Outside of the special abilities, all three classes in Destiny play the same. When you take away the Warlock skill, you just have a guy who shoots. There isn’t anything else that makes it exclusive to play. This leads to dull gameplay that really shows in raids and strike missions. Destiny hides behind that veil that long fights are challenging. If you don’t have the patience to stomach through 30 minutes of shooting the same monster the fight is challenging. It’s not difficult, it’s boring. This is like waiting in a dental office and they won’t let you go into your appointment until you finish reading all of the incredibly old magazines.

3. Severe Lack of Endgame Content


Many players would deem SWTOR’s launch to be a massive disappointment. Thousands of people completed the story mode only to find that what was left was replayable missions, and not much else. There wasn’t any content afterword’s, nothing to continue to challenge players. Some would argue the game STILL doesn’t have anything even after the updates. Destiny has the same problem. It has about 20 hours, or less, of story mode. After you complete the story, there is NOTHING to do except play the story again on higher difficulties and complete tedious strike missions that don’t even come close to rewarding you adequately.

Oh, you can also play PvP where everyone has better weapons than you. There’s that as well. Collecting marks and reputation is so tedious and mind-numbingly boring it borders putting me to sleep. The increments you earn these points at are engineered to give you the impression of replay value. Sorry, but when I spend almost two hours completing a strike mission when I am level 20 and my rewards are an uncommon gun and 10 Vanguard Marks, I want to stop playing, not do it all over again. Bungie recruited Gamespot to try an tell and tell me that “There is so much more to Destiny After Level 20” when in reality, it consists of hunting down the gear that increases your level. THAT IS NOT CONTENT. I know people in the comments will jump to Bungie’s aid saying how more raids are added and that DLC will give players more stuff to do. That is not good game design. DLC/Expansion packs won’t fix this game. You can’t purposefully make a small game and promise it will get bigger later down the road as long as the consumer pays a small fee.

I am glad Bungie moved away from the Halo franchise, but creating another shooter may have not been the way to go. Destiny is far from terrible, but it certainly is not as great as the sales figures make it out to be.

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