5 Games That Burned Me Out Before Release


Videogames get plenty of hype these days. AAA publishers pump a crap ton of money into marketing so the game reaches many people as possible to make sure as many people buy preorder the game. There are many ways for developers and publishers alike to get the name of their latest title out to the public that weren’t available 15 years ago. Publishers were careful on how much information they released back then because it was so much more expensive. Then along came a much cheaper way to advertise: the internet. Releasing information became a lot easier, and publishers/developers gained the ability to continuously pump new information about their game into the pipeline in a much more cost-effective way.

Why am I mentioning this? Because I’m tired of seeing so much about a game before it’s released. There is hardly any mystery in the gaming world these days. An information leak about a Nintendo game used to be a big deal. Now I hardly think legitimate leaks even happen, and instead the IP owner uses the term “leak” to get more attention. AAA is where most of my problems originate on this topic. We see countless “Gameplay Trailers” that hardly showcase gameplay, four different mainstream website getting “exclusive access” to a game that is over six months away from being released and you cannot leave out the cinematic trailers. Publishers are the biggest perpetrator of over-saturating the information super-highway. We see too much of a game before it releases and I feel as though I already know all the content before I play it. It is so hard to ignore these days.

There are two sides to this though. So much information is constantly released due to a rational fear that gamers will just move to a new game. Thanks to games like The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy Versus XIII (now Final Fantasy XV), and Fez II, people don’t want the negativity or lack of attention towards their game. So in this instance, gamers are partly to blame. This is a list of Five Games That Burned Me Out Before Release.

5. Destiny


I had to include this game simply because of the hype surrounding it. Bungie’s latest game after their run of the Halo franchise. It’s certainly a big deal. While I am not the biggest fan of Bungie’s work, I can admit that their influence was pivotal on the FPS genre. Even I was looking forward to what Destiny was for a time. Ever since the announcement trailer at E3 last year, new information about the game consistently flooded news sites. Even after the beta closed, Bungie was giving out new information like it was candy. Gamers clamored with questions about the game, but instead of letting the game speak for itself on release, questions are just answered, and I don’t find much fun in that. Destiny is a game I still intend on playing, but I feel like I have played it already with all this unfiltered information I have.

4. Far Cry 4


So many people found the cover of Ubisoft’s next Far Cry installment racist. Considering that the character on the front was a racist and the villain of the game, I didn’t see much of a problem with it. I would have to say that this “controversy” kickstarted the media flood that is Far Cry 4. Thankfully these last couple weeks it has been hidden away from my email inbox and newsfeed so I haven’t had it shoved down my throat. But there was a period of about two months after Ubisoft unveiled it I felt like FC4 was all anyone was talking about. Trailers and videos were seemingly unavoidable. You can only ignore this kind of thing so much when you do what I do. I doubt I will be playing Far Cry 4 considering I haven’t even played FC3. It just doesn’t interest me.

3. Call of Duty: Ghosts


Yeah I caved and put a CoD game on this list. However, this was for good reason. There so was much hype about the damn dog, and come to find out, it hardly did anything in the game! This was a game where it seemed like there was a new dev diary every other week. There was all this focus on rock definition, arm hair, and fish AI. Not only was it too much information, it was information that didn’t matter. I got so sick of the game prior to release but hilariously enough, I enjoyed it more than the previous games. Advanced Warfare’s info seemed never-ending as well, especially with that multiplayer livestream.

2. Bioshock Infinite


I feel as though I am alone in thinking Bioshock Infinite is a terribly average shooter with none of the class and originality that the first game had. Let’s not even mention the amount of false advertising (that choices effected the ending) that apparently no one decided to talk about. This game had a lot to live up to from the get-go. Irrational Games and Ken Levine were coming back for one more Bioshock game. Leading up to the release, I didn’t hear the end of the new enemies like the Handymen. The trailers showed a menacing foe, but when you played the game, they were easily defeated and hardly had the impact the videos were promising. The talk about how so much will change depending on the choices you make never made it into the game, resulting in a linear storyline. I was so sick of hearing about Bioshock Infinite that I waited nearly eight months after it released to play it. Even then, I found it a total chore to finish because it was so boring.

1. Grand Theft Auto V


GTA is in the hearts of gamers and congressman alike. The name alone carries a lot of weight. GTAV was what sparked me to write this list. I still have yet to play GTAV and I probably never will. I can’t comment on the quality of the game because obviously I have never played it. I can comment on how sick and tired I was hearing about GTAV. “Did you hear about the mysterious shack in GTAV?” Yeah, I did, and I did not give a rat’s ass. “Did you see the stuff about GTA Online?” Yeah, and again, why should I care? I can’t take GTA seriously anymore. After Vice City I felt like the game really got lost in its own ideas and it devolved into a mass of, “just kill everyone” kind of game. I hardly saw a point in giving it a story. Hell, I can’t believe they gave the game three characters. Every gaming site had something to say about GTAV. Every gaming site had exclusive looks, screenshots, and videos. From GTAV’s announcement trailer until release, it seemed like it was the only game being released.

I know plenty of people will disagree with me. And I also know I will be seeing plenty of comments about ignoring all the information and hype. If I was to do that, I may as well become a Tibetan Monk. I ignore as much as I can. I don’t watch videos, I don’t look at screenshot galleries, and I skim press releases. I do all of that, and I still feel like I have seen too much of a game through word of mouth or screenshots with the headline. Videogames just lack mystery now. Both parties are responsible for it. I would like to see a change, but I doubt it.

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