4chan Wasn’t Horrible This Week


Hold the fucking phone, everyone. I don’t even know what world I’m living in when I actually have to give kudos to 4chan for being restrained and pulling together in the name of philanthropy, especially in the name of helping women.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. In fact, it’s exactly an exaggeration. 4chan has actually done a lot of good despite other rather shitty moments. 4chan is unpredictable to the point that the only thing you can predict about them is that when they step up and gather to do something, it’s never a small thing.

So far, the Zoe Quinn fiasco hasn’t quite died down yet, in no small part due to The Fine Young Capitalists. I had the great opportunity to interview Matthew Rappard from that organization the other week, so check below this paragraph for that video. As mentioned in the interview, Zoe Quinn had burned TFYC pretty hard on Twitter. So hard, in fact, that the Twitter handle went silent in April (don’t worry, though, it came back August 12 in full force!) and no news site would actually cover TFYC or what they were doing. This latest controversy gave TFYC the perfect opportunity to come forward with how they were treated by Zoe, and the gaming community was incredibly sympathetic.

The Fine Young Capitalists launched their voting page and their IndieGogo campaign August 12. Despite a relatively slow start, this controversy with Zoe Quinn has already raised the organization more than $25,000. For a few days in a row, 4chan was actually the number one contributor to the Women in Gaming project. Enough money was donated by 4chan that the website was able to design their own character to be in whatever the finished product ends up being. While this could sound like a recipe for disaster, and a great opportunity to see a character shouting racial slurs or epithets like “Hitler did nothing wrong,” it actually turned out awesome.

4chan, or more specifically /v/ came up with a character that is reasonable, awesome, and fully fleshed out. Her name is Vivian James, her hairband has a clover in it (which is her nickname), and her online handle is Level (the joke being Level -> lel -> lvl -> /v/). She’s tough, loves video games, loathes dishonesty and hypocrisy, and is grumpy and perpetually fed up and tired. For a complete run down of who she is and how Vivian came to be, check out this picture (and I mean it’s 4chan so language warning is immediately implied).

TFYC have of course embraced the attention from 4chan, and even published a video on behest of /v/. Oddly, it’s not about boobies, but instead about an awesome female icon in the gaming scene: Roberta William. It’s a really well made video, so you should absolutely give it a watch (embedded below).

If you want to support The Fine Young Capitalists, make sure to donate to their IndieGogo campaign and vote for which game pitch you want to see made on their website. If you can’t reach the IndieGogo page, that’s okay: it’s being hacked and taken down left and right, so it may be up later.

I have contacted The Fine Young Capitalists for comment on the attention from 4chan as well as their IndieGogo campaign getting taken down, but as of writing there was no response.

UPDATE:  I just hard back from Matthew Rappard of The Fine Young Capitalists, and IndieGogo is currently investigating what is happening with their campaign getting taken down. He added that they had been hacked by people who claim to want to “protect Zoe Quinn.” He added, “The plan seemed to be poorly thought out.”


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